Elpakco Electronics: Committed to quality

Elpakco Incorporated began in 1984 as a value-added distributor, specializing in loose pins, receptacles, and machine contact type sockets. Shortly after the company's inception, it became apparent that the most effective way to develop and service customers was to transition into manufacturing. Elpakco developed into a niche manufacturer with a reputation for producing a top quality product line, fast turn-around times and competitive pricing.


As Elpakco's product line and customer base developed, so did our ability to change with the times. As the market brought closure to many competitors' specialty divisions, Elpakco capitalized on the downsizing trend to acquire the necessary machinery to fit Elpakco's manufacturing needs. Specialty molds and equipment came from the biggest names in the industry; Cambion, EMC, Key Precision, Precision Metal Products, Wells Electronics, Bic and Augat's Swiss Turning Machines. Elpakco currently owns and operates over 150 Swiss turning machines with the necessary backup for processing parts from raw materials to finished connectors.


Current Operations
Elpakco currently runs operations in Westford, Massachusetts and Ashland, New Hampshire.  Elpakco Incorporated is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, about 30 minutes outside of Boston. The Westford headquarters is where our sales, accounting and assembly departments are located. The Ashland, NH location is a machine shop that runs our custom and standard parts as well as performs some assembly. Elpakco employs 25 people in the Westford and Ashland locations.


Elpakco Incorporated prides itself on top quality products. Many processes are in place to ensure customer satisfaction. We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.  We can supply certification and test data when required and our quality control department ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality work.


Elpakco services numerous companies involved in medical equipment, networking, circuit board designing, aerospace, military and automotive manufacturing. Elpakco also has a network of distributors that sell various Elpakco product lines. These distributors include Hardware Specialty, Century Fasteners and PUI (Projections Unlimited Inc.).